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In this lab, students must create a slope in their stream table. To accomplish this, students prop one end of the stream table up on a stack of textbooks covered with an absorbent pad. This allows students to examine the effect of slope on erosion, but also presents a few new issues regarding safety and classroom cleanliness. First, since the stream table model is propped up, if not held in place, the stream table can easily slide off of the table and onto the floor. To prevent this, I add a student job of holding the stream table in place. This can be done simply by holding the top of the stream table above the book stack. The second issue is with the catch bucket. The water moving through the stream table moves quickly and can splash the student who holds the catch bucket. I provide aprons for the students to use in this lab to protect their clothes.

  Safety, Cleanliness, and the Slope Lab
  Routines and Procedures: Safety, Cleanliness, and the Slope Lab
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Unit 4: Land and Water
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Objective: SWBAT identify how slope affects erosion.

Big Idea: Landscapes with a higher slope have greater degree of erosion within a stream system. Higher elevations increase erosion.

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