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I keep parents and students regularly informed about academic performance very regularly.

I'm the parent of a young man who needs support in keeping on top of his assignments.  I know first hand that it is a terrible feeling to learn at the end of a grading period that my child fell behind.  I don't want my students' parents to feel blindsided by a grade at report card time.  

Here are the systems I have in place to ensure that parents always have current grade information:

1) I grade all* collected assignments within 24 hours of collecting them.  The assignments are returned to students and grades are entered into our grading system, which all parents have access to (*the only exception to this are unit tests, which are long, and it takes me a few days to get through)

2) I use to send quick notes to parents about upcoming assessments, grade reports coming home, conference nights, etc.  I've gotten great positive feedback about using this website from parents!

3) I send home grade reports every three weeks, which list out any missing assignments for parents

4) I call the parents of students who are struggling often, letting them know what we're working on in school, what I am seeing from their child, and what support the child needs from each of us to help him/her be more successful


  How Is My Child Doing?
  Student Communication: How Is My Child Doing?
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Interpret Integers in Context

Unit 3: Integers and Rational Numbers
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT use integers, number lines and absolute value notation to represent quantities in real-world contexts.

Big Idea: Rational numbers and number lines can be used to represent real world situations.

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Math, Number lines , Integers, absolute value, integer, rational numbers
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