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Using stations throughout a science lesson is beneficial to students’ learning experiences and outcomes.  Stations enhance and reinforce content while developing inquiry skills throughout each one. They offer students a hands-on experience while allowing teachers to work with students either in small groups or one on one. In addition, stations support independence, responsibility, and opportunities for discovering key concepts by promoting a wide range of thinking skills such as activating prior knowledge, critical thinking, and inquiry. Stations increase student engagement with an activity and collaboration with classmates; therefore, increases student learning and understanding.

I implemented stations within this lesson to give students opportunities to explore some properties of matter. Since this year (5th grade) is the first time my students have formal science instruction on a daily basis (science is not formally taught in the elementary schools), I felt it necessary to provide them an opportunity to preview and explore properties of matter so they are better prepared for future lessons throughout the unit of matter.  Throughout the stations, I found students were very engaged and had high interest in finding out different things about the materials of matter given to them.  I observed and listened to many “wow” moments at each station. Students were surprised that some metal like materials were not magnetic, some materials were more durable than others, and a few items with air in them actually weighed more than they initially thought.  Throughout each station, I had the chance to check in with students and listen to their discoveries and conversations with their peers. At some stations, I guided them into thinking a different way so they became more aware of other possibilities of matter.  In all, using stations throughout this portion of the lesson improved students thinking and awareness of the properties of matter.

  Student Ownership: Stations
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(Day 2) Exploring Matter and Its Properties

Unit 2: Structure, Function, and Properties of Matter
Lesson 2 of 19

Objective: SWBAT identify materials based on their properties.

Big Idea: Students explore properties of matter by observing, testing, and measuring a variety of materials.

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