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A discrepant event is a great way to start a unit. It creates wonder in the minds of students. Once you challenge their thinking with an unexpected event students then develop a Need-to-Know. You have hooked them and they want to know more because you have sparked an interest.

In this lesson there are two discrepant events for students. One - what is the color or sugar. All students answer, "white", until they look at sugar under the microscope. This event prompts them to ask other questions as well. "Is salt like sugar?" "Is this the same reason polar bears fur appears white?" 

The second discrepant event is what they see when the chemical bonds are broken and they see that sugar is indeed carbon and water. When they see the formula and we discuss it, students are skeptical that these are the elements of common table sugar. Creating cognitive disequilibrium set the student mindset to question other things, searching for explanations. 

  Discrepant Events
  Modeling: Discrepant Events
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Decomposing Sucrose

Unit 4: Chemistry
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify the elements that makeup sucrose (common table sugar).

Big Idea: Sugar is carbon and water?

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