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Topic selection is difficult for students because many times they will locate an activity online and assume that it is an experiment or find an experiment that already has a known outcome.  As a teacher, it is vital to carefully review the students' topics and guide them toward exploring an unknown aspect of the topic.  I try to explain to the students that if I already know the outcome of their experiment, or if I can find the answer in less than five minutes, it will not work for this project.  This helps keep the entire process of the science fair more interesting for the students and for you, as the teacher.

  The Importance of a High Quality Topic
  High Quality Task: The Importance of a High Quality Topic
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Selecting a Topic

Unit 8: Science Fair
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Objective: SWBAT identify three possible science fair topics they would like to explore.

Big Idea: The thought of selecting a topic for a science fair experiment can be overwhelming. In this lesson students begin to narrow down their choices.

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