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In order to encourage students to support their thinking with physical evidence from the stream table, I use my document camera to allow students to show their models to the rest of the class. When a student wishes to share an observation, I ask them to bring their stream table model to the front of the class and show the model under the document camera. This allows each student to point out features within the stream table to their peers. Seeing the work of others allows each student to compare and contrast their model with others in the class. Also, by displaying the results with the projector, every student can view the work of their peers in a safe manner. 

  Using Technology to Model
  Rigor: Using Technology to Model
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Unit 4: Land and Water
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Objective: SWBAT compare stream flow in a stream system with and without landforms which alter stream flow.

Big Idea: Landforms affect the course and flow of a stream.

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