Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Build a Paper Tower Challenge (Part 3) Building and Measuring Our Towers - Section 3: Building Our Towers


A few of the teams had some difficulty at the beginning of this task, bringing their plans to life.  Looking back, I think some of the difficulty was taking a 2-dimensional plan and making a 3-dimensional model.  Next time I do this lesson, I will be more aware of that aspect and make sure to coach the children by showing them my own plan and then demonstrate how to bring that into the 3-dimensional world.

  Thinking in 3-D
  Adjustments to Practice: Thinking in 3-D
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Build a Paper Tower Challenge (Part 3) Building and Measuring Our Towers

Unit 5: Building Towers and the Engineering Design Process
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Objective: SWBAT build a tower following their plan and then measure and weigh the tower.

Big Idea: We can build a tower from plans that we have developed. Once built, we can measure the structure to see if it meets the specifications.

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