Reflection: Journaling Build a Paper Tower Challenge--(Part 5)--Improving Our Tower Designs - Section 6: Evaluation


Looking back at this entire process of building background knowledge, planning and building the towers is extremely rewarding.  The children have learned so much and had so much fun learning!  The entire class was so tuned in to this unit that they came to school talking about it and talked about it at home.  Many parents wrote notes or emailed comments about how much their child loved science, especially this unit!  We were able to learn and practice the NGSS engineering process design in an engaging way.  But perhaps what I didn't expect was the social growth that was demonstrated. Seeing the progress that the lower achieving students made was just tremendous.  The barricades of reading difficulties were lifted as they used their scientific knowledge to create something fulfilling!  All of the students were so very proud of their accomplishments!  

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Build a Paper Tower Challenge--(Part 5)--Improving Our Tower Designs

Unit 5: Building Towers and the Engineering Design Process
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Objective: SWBAT make improvements on their tower designs according to the results of their testing.

Big Idea: We can make improvements on our tower designs by looking at the strengths and weaknesses in our testing and then analyze the results.

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