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Now that students have navigated through the various scaffolded tasks, including learning and demonstrating their skills in using the microscope and becoming familiar with cell structure (at least in an abstract sense), they are now empowered to do some exploration on their own. In the video featured in this section, I engage in conversation with a young man and at each new question posed, he very competently responds. At the end of this dialogue, I can tell that he understands the purpose of iodine stain applied to the cheek cell, the basic structures that are visible under the light microscope, and very clearly he seems to enjoy this performance task. Could you honestly overlook that great smile at the end of the clip? What a great job I have!

  Performance Tasks: New Perspectives and a Big 'Ole Smile!
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A Diverse Cellular World (Day #1 of 2)

Unit 2: 2) Cells ("Form and Function")
Lesson 8 of 20

Objective: SWBAT investigate actual cells and their component parts and develop a sense of wonder about the microscopic world.

Big Idea: Life, on the macroscopic level, is rooted in the microscopic form and function of the humble cell.

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Science, cells, form vs. function, microscope, proportional relationships, structure and function , organism
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