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One of the real implicit benefits to this process is my ability to talk with each and every student. There will likely always be one or more students who, naturally, are more reserved and quiet. This poses a challenge for me because I can't really assess what a student does and does not know unless I collect feedback. During the process of the skills test I have the chance to quiz student understanding of the knowledge and skills related to the microscope. This allows me to see what they actually can do and, in cases where they don't know the answer I can use that time to reteach so that, by the time the skills test is over, they are able to meet all of the stated goals. The outcome is that they will score 100%, get the positive feedback that boosts confidence, and I can be confident that when we move to the "real" microscope work they are much more self-reliant. So there are three tangible wins! 

  No Child Left Behind (Literally)
  Checks for Understanding: No Child Left Behind (Literally)
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Dude, Scope This Out! (Day #2 of 2)

Unit 2: 2) Cells ("Form and Function")
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Objective: Students will be able to develop the skills and knowledge to proficiently use the compound microscope.

Big Idea: The microscope is, perhaps, the most essential tool for biologists. Therefore, students must know how to effectively use it to investigate the microscopic world.

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Science, cells, form vs. function, microscope, investigation, independent study, exploration
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