Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Recursive vs. Explicit - Section 3: Independent Practice


My students typically have more difficulty writing the Recursive Formula than the Explicit Formula of an Arithmetic Sequence.  I think that this is due to the unfamiliar notation, such as a subscript (n-1). It is easy to make a connection to a student's prior knowledge about slope and slope intercept form which they are very familiar.  There is no prior knowledge for most students with the recursive notation.  The best way I have found is again, teaching aloud, repetition, and questioning students on the meaning of the different notation.  When students read the notation a subscript (n-1), I want them saying previous term instead of reading the symbols one by one.

  Students struggle with writing the recursive formula
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Students struggle with writing the recursive formula
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Recursive vs. Explicit

Unit 3: Linear Functions
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Objective: SWBAT use their knowledge of recursive formulas to write an explicit formula for an input output table by sketching models of animal pens.

Big Idea: Students Compare the Direct Explicit formula of y= mx + b of an Arithmetic Sequence to the Recursive Formula that is the rule or pattern of the sequence.

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