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I have never quite wanted to be the "sage on the stage" in regards to a teacher-centered approach to instruction. I have always seen myself as more of a collaborator or facilitator and love to give over control and thus ownership of the learning to my students. However there does come a time when direct instruction is a must and in those times I have turned to online tools and media to partner with me so that my students encounter multiple voices, various delivery styles, and several individual viewpoints in their Biotechnology instruction.

In this portion of the lesson students will "hear" from a premiere scientist via a TED talk, recieve instruction from a cartoon character via a BrainPoP cartoon animation, enjoy a visit from a Guest Speaker, and read the words of an internet sensation via an online Blog. The wealth of online tools and avenues upon which to explore a topic are almost endless and our students can reap the benefits of a global education in which their contributors are just as limitless and worldwide as their dreams and aspirations!

  Share the "Stage" - Incorporating Other Voices into Your Science Instruction
  Lesson Planning: Share the "Stage" - Incorporating Other Voices into Your Science Instruction
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Using STEM to Improve Our Local Community

Unit 2: Bioethics: Issues in Biotechnology
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: Students will experience first-hand how an interdisciplinary team of experts is needed to address many real-world issues such as the difficult task of meeting the rising food demands of a growing global population.

Big Idea: The collective effort of interdisciplinary teams of STEM professionals is critical to the future of our global community.

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