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After teaching this unit for over four years I have experienced the best of times and the worst of times in regards to facilitating a bioethical discussion with high school age students. My experience has caused me to specifically consider the necessary adjustments I must make to my role as an instructor when leading such discussions as opposed to a lab experiment or project-based task.

I have determined that my role is to encourage my students to employ strategies that will enable them to tap into their own point of view based on careful reasoning and NOT to encourage group consensus or "group think". Instead I am confident that my role is largely eliciting students' reasons for their positions and pushing them to justify their viewpoints with data and evidence as well as the THREE core ethical considerations: respect for persons, minimizing harms while maximizing benefits, and fairness.

  What's the Teacher's Role when Teaching Bioethics?
  Student Led Inquiry: What's the Teacher's Role when Teaching Bioethics?
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Starved for Science

Unit 2: Bioethics: Issues in Biotechnology
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: Students will be able to interact with government officials and major decision makers in the regulation of GMO products in order to synthesize their own opinions on GMO foods.

Big Idea: Debating controversial topics in science is a luxury that not all of our world's citizens enjoy.

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starving for science
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