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In my lesson, Family Secrets, students are called to awaken their inner thespian for the sake of science! In the reflection, "Is Role Play A Right Fit For You and Your Students", I propose this inquiry to instructors who seek novel instructional methods however want to select the best new strategies for their classroom culture and climate.

  Is Role Play A Right Fit for YOU and YOUR students?
  Trust and Respect: Is Role Play A Right Fit for YOU and YOUR students?
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The Role of a Lifetime

Unit 2: Bioethics: Issues in Biotechnology
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Objective: Students will consider, analyze and represent viewpoints different from stakeholders involved in the Case of Henrietta Lacks experience the range of positions taken by individuals from the scientific community relatives of Henrietta Lacks as well as various individuals and organizations with respect to the issues which arise from this case and engage in a discussion about the ethical, legal, and scientific policies surrounding the distribution, use, and historical significance of the HeLa cell.

Big Idea: What happens when citizens believe that science has gone too far while others insist that it has not been able to go far enough?

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immortal life of henrietta lacks
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