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Some students or classes have done a lot of close reading in their ELA classes and have had a great deal of practice identifying key details in text. Therefore, they may be more experienced in the practice of using a highlighter to identify important information, as opposed to using it to make the page colorful and pretty.

However there are students or classes that will need more support. In this case, I usually tend to read aloud the first passage or paragraph, conduct a think aloud wherein I read each sentence a 2nd time, evaluating which information is more important highlighting it as I go.  For the following paragraphs or passages, I have volunteers read aloud, twice, pausing intermittently throughout the second reading to ask for help in identifying the important information as we highlight together.

You may want to view my screencast, Using Technology to Highlight.

  Teaching Students to Highlight
  Diverse Entry Points: Teaching Students to Highlight
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Hopping Hypotheses!

Unit 3: Science Fair
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Objective: SWBAT formulate a suitable hypothesis that can be tested during scientific investigation.

Big Idea: Predictions, inferences, guesses, and hypotheses are not the same. Help our students learn the difference and apply it correctly as they design a science fair experiment.

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