Reflection: Trust and Respect Introducing a Bioethical Case Study - Section 1: Introduction


The goal of exploring bioethics is not intended to surface student's emotions or opinions in regards to the oftentimes controversial biotechnology advancements commonly debated by all stakeholders in our global society. Instead students and facilitators should strive to acquire strategies for analyzing and discussing bioethical cases in an effort to strengthen our scholars ability to discuss, justify and offer a reasoned defense to their points of view.

When discussions get off track, as they tend to do from time to time in a high school setting, I refocus my students by asking the following four key questions used to clarify the issues involved in making an ethical decision:

1. What is the ethical question?

2. What are the relevant facts?

3. Who or what could be affected by the way the question gets resolved?

4. What are the relevant ethical considerations?

The importance of providing relevant reasons and evidence for a position or what bioethicists refer to as strong justification is the ultimate goal and addresses the new Next Generation Science Standards call for greater critical thinking on the part of our students.

  Exploring Bioethics in a High School Classroom Setting
  Trust and Respect: Exploring Bioethics in a High School Classroom Setting
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Introducing a Bioethical Case Study

Unit 2: Bioethics: Issues in Biotechnology
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Objective: Students will recognize the interrelationship between science, society, and ethical considerations and predict the social, legal, and ethical implications that all members of our society need to address.

Big Idea: Law + Technology + Ethics = Bioethics

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