Reflection: Problem-based Approaches Change Us and See What Happens! - Section 2: Slope Stations


I wanted students to develop a good understanding of slope in this lesson, so I focused on designing a lesson about slope using different deliveries. I made this decision based on student weakness of identifying slope in previous lessons.

I first focused on the slope intercept equation, and how the slope and the y-intercept is related to the graph in this form.  Students seemed to quickly realize or remember how the steepness of the line is related to m and the vertical translation to the y-intercept.

Then I focused on problem based work, with problems relating to the equation algebraically, and some to the graph geometrically.  Most of my students had not seen the example of the slope triangle in equivalent ratios before in the way the video presented it.  This was an aha moment for some, and when reviewing this problem in Station 3, I called on students to come to the board to show the equivalent ratios they selected to form a line.

Many students struggled with Station 5, the Parallelogram problem, so I had some students demonstrate their answers. Students knew that opposite sides should be Parallel, but some students had difficulty identifying the points to create lines that have the same slope.

A problem that is an extension of these problems that I think I will introduce to students at a later time is how the slope of the line is related to the tangent of the angle to the horizontal in degrees.

  Pedagogy of Slope
  Problem-based Approaches: Pedagogy of Slope
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Change Us and See What Happens!

Unit 3: Linear Functions
Lesson 5 of 20

Objective: SWBAT analyze differences and similarities in graphs as the slope and the y-intercept of are changed.

Big Idea: In this lesson students discuss difference in steepness, translations, and parallelism using graphs and equations.

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various linear slopes
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