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Student-to-student or peer feedback can be an extremely positive tool, especially with older students. Although, as with any other cooperative learning model or routine, there can be enormous drawbacks. A way I have been able to avoid less than positive exchanges with students has been through the use of rubrics such as this Flowgram Rubric, checklists and explicit templates to guide students as they analyze and/or evaluate the work of other students. 

  Peer Feedback?? Rubrics and Checklist are a MUST!!!
  High Expectations: Peer Feedback?? Rubrics and Checklist are a MUST!!!
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So What DO I DO Now? Helping Students Deconstruct and Reconstruct Lab Safety Protocols

Unit 1: Introduction to the Biotechnology Workplace
Lesson 7 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to identify required lab safety practices used when preparing solid media in order to determine when violations could occur, correct these actions and avoid potential hazards through the evaluation of lab safety protocols.

Big Idea: Students should always demonstrate proper health and safety practices when working in the biotechnology lab but getting student to master these routines quickly requires new approaches to "practice"!

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