Reflection: Real World Applications EBWR - Our Capital Epidemic (Silent Debate: Bioethics for the Biotechnologists Part II) - Section 2: Warm-up


The Next Generation Science Standards calls for greater opportunities for students to talk about data, use data as evidence for their arguments and to judge the accuracy and validity of data. Using infographics enables me to design lessons in which students are able to engage in authentic discussions or writing tasks about relevant, real-world data.

To get started using infographics I would suggest reviewing an oldie but goodie, August 2010, The Learning Network blog post about how to get started using infographics in data talks with your students. I have been able to locate infographics which support most of the topics explored in my courses and when I am get stumped I ask other teachers and even my students to assist in getting my hands on just the right graphic that will generate great discussion. 

  More Data Talks Please!
  Real World Applications: More Data Talks Please!
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EBWR - Our Capital Epidemic (Silent Debate: Bioethics for the Biotechnologists Part II)

Unit 1: Introduction to the Biotechnology Workplace
Lesson 5 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to communicate ideas critical for their future roles in the biotechnology industry using appropriate language and terminology in order to engage in a bioethical debate.

Big Idea: How are the values and opinions of members of the biotechnology industry affecting the choices they make in the workplace?

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infographic feb 7 national black hiv aids awareness
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