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The skill of effective collaboration is present across the CCSS and NGSS.  Our students are expected to seek out knowledge when they don't understand something so it's important to focus on this inside the classroom.  My class has the dual challenge of being English Learners, as well as..young.  The strength of these two things is the fearlessness that often occurs.  Interruptions are common, not for a lack of manners, more for the certainty that their idea is something that needs to be shared Right Now!  To both capitalize on this confidence and give them solid instruction in discourse and questioning, I make it a point to help them develop these skills by asking questions in pairs and small groups.  This will help them learn to think through their questions and answers so they learn what they need to ask and say.  The pairs and small groups provides a safer setting to develop this skill because it is often easier to be vulnerable and admit what your don't know.  Scaffolding like this is a natural part of my teaching.  The beauty of it is the more the students see me practice it with them do it, the better the they learn to share this skill with each other. 

  Putting It All Together..Together
  Discourse and Questioning: Putting It All Together..Together
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What? Weather? Assessment

Unit 6: What? Weather?
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: Students will create a diagram that forecasts using appropriate elements of weather and Science vocabulary.

Big Idea: What does a weather forecast do to help us survive?

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