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It's important for me to build in opportunities to practice essential communication in every lesson and assessment.  I do this because I realize that the successful future of my students is dependent on mastering this skill.  Both schools and workplaces will expect the type of collaboration that need both listening and sharing skills.  In this assessment, I made sure to include not only a demonstrable mastery of the material, but also an explanation of it.  My goal is to have a clear expectation for all students, English speakers and learners alike, to find ways to communicate that are right for them.  I do this by creating an environment of trust and respect so that all efforts are seen as valuable.  With this assessment, the explanation piece was key to pulling the material together.  I knew I succeeded when the students began to look to each other for guidance, feedback, and support.  I facilitated the class, let the class help each other, and got out of the way!  At that point, the learning continued on it's own..the way it should always be.

  Scaffolding Essential Communication
  Student Communication: Scaffolding Essential Communication
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Awesome Animals Assessment - Follow Me Duuude!

Unit 5: Awesome Animals
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: Students will complete a diagram that connects an animal with it's appropriate habitat and essential need.

Big Idea: How do animal habitats support essential needs?

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