Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Pop Bottle Waves & Hair Dryer Ripples - Section 1: Observing the Phenomena of Water Waves


Questioning is an integral part of making sure this investigation stays focused because of the playful nature of the activity. In this clip, I discuss my thoughts about what I am trying to accomplish through this questioning and why it's important.

  Discourse and Questioning: Using Questioning to Drive the Investigation
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Pop Bottle Waves & Hair Dryer Ripples

Unit 3: Waves
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: Students investigate how motion and wind create waves on water.

Big Idea: In this opening lesson, we explore what waves are all about as we observe, draw, and think about how waves are shaped and how they move and what creates them.

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Science, Waves, Sound, Sounds Waves, Observing & Predictng, engineering
  65 minutes
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