Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Locating Examples of Rivers, Lakes and Glaciers on a World Map - Section 4: Deltas, Glaciers and Lakes


Some students had a challenging time trying to transfer the location of the water feature from the map on the computer to the map on on their desk. Even when I placed the map next to the map on the computer they would struggle to find the corresponding landmarks.

Next I showed the same map in a book so that both the map and the book would be in the same position. Students were more successful with making a one to one correspondence with the material on their desk.

When I do this lesson again I will be sure to have printed maps with the key features identified, to  to assist students with labeling their map.

  Map Features
  Diverse Entry Points: Map Features
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Locating Examples of Rivers, Lakes and Glaciers on a World Map

Unit 4: Unit 4 - Surface Water and Landform Interactions
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Objective: SWBAT summarize and share some of their webquest learning on a world map.

Big Idea: Students discover that water can be found as a liquid or solid on all the continents, and indicate the location of some of these water features on a world map.

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