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The vast majority of my class is English Learners.  This group is spread over six to eight different languages, which keeps life interesting!  In some ways, this makes it easier for me to teach.  We all have to figure out how to communicate with each other, so it's a daily opportunity for all of us to find new ways to learn.  The good thing about this environment is it encourages us to make do, use what we have as learning opportunities.  I thought about ways to implement this philosophy with this unit.  We all like to have fun with our lessons and this was no exception.  From the playdough model in the previous lesson to the finger example in this assessment, we participate in ways to get immediate feedback from the material.  Both these activities provide us with a way to combine a kinesthetic piece with a strong communication element.  The English speakers and learners could access the material and I could easily assess what they have learned.  It was a true win-win experience for everyone.

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  ELL Students: Use What You Have to Learn
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Wiggly Worms-Earthworm Assessment- Take Me Home!

Unit 3: Wiggly Worms
Lesson 3 of 3

Objective: With a diagram and sentence, students will match the earthworm to the appropriate environment.

Big Idea: How can we show and explain the best places for earthworms to survive?

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earthworm in dirt
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