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The thought of giving a presentation in front of their peers can be very intimidating to students.  I have the students give presentations on a regular basis, but they still become very nervous about this particular presentation.  After a student presents, I make sure to find something to compliment the student on or thank them for teaching me something new about the topic.  It is important to make sure the compliment is sincere.  I compliment each student in front of the class as a way to help build self-esteem and as a way to encourage the other students to see the value in the work that has been done.

  Commenting on Students' Presentations
  Positive Reinforcement: Commenting on Students' Presentations
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Science Fair Classroom Presentation Day

Unit 8: Science Fair
Lesson 12 of 13

Objective: SWBAT present their research findings to their peers and audience members will generate thoughtful questions.

Big Idea: This lesson requires students to be active listeners and dynamic presenters.

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