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I am a big advocate for manipulatives and I think many of our textbooks and pacing guides rush our students too quickly to the abstract algorithm. I think it is really important to keep the manipulatives visible and available to students whenever they need them. Of course, we don't want them relying on concrete models forever. But some students may need a more gradual transition. If the algebra tiles make sense to my students then I want them to use the tiles to help them make sense of the abstract expressions. 

I find myself using more context to help my students make sense of the algebraic terms too. Sometimes a more real world connection can help them make sense of the math. A students own experience can help them make sense of the math. In some cases I ask the students to come up with the context by asking what certain variables might represent and what story could the expression be telling. The context could even be a growth pattern that could be drawn.

  Rushing to the abstract
  Real World Applications: Rushing to the abstract
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Clarifying Our Terms

Unit 3: Equivalent Expressions
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Objective: SWBAT simplify and solve variable expressions with given values for variables.

Big Idea: Students will see the benefit to simplifying variable expressions before solving them by trying to solve them mentally.

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Math, Expressions (Algebra), mental math with decimals, white boards, simplifying variable expressions, solving variable expressions
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