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To begin this lesson, I used a simple pre-assessment.  The assessment helped to pique the students interest in the lesson.  It was hands-on and engaging for the students.  The students loved the pictures of the animals and were excited to identify different animals that they know. 

If you watch the video clip, you will also see that the students had the opportunity to argue the rankings of the animals.  There was quite a bit of emotion in some of the working groups as the video demonstrates.  It was difficult for me to not interrupt the exchange, but I really wanted to hear if the students could come up with tangible arguments for the placement of the animals (and it was a bit humorous to see them so emotional about the task).

It was fun to watch the students, but I really did gain some knowledge about their level of understanding and misconceptions that they held.  If you watch the video, you will note that the group placed the birds at the beginning of the order, identifying them as being the slowest animals.  They also placed the cheetah as the fastest animal (a common misconception).  This information helped me to adjust my instruction for the students and emphasize that their are animals that are faster than a cheetah, including several birds.

The pre-assessment quickly transforms into a teaching tool as outlined in the next section of the lesson. 

  Using a Pre-Assessment in Kindergarten
  Pre-Tests: Using a Pre-Assessment in Kindergarten
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Fast, Faster, Fastest-Comparing Animal Speeds

Unit 4: Fast or Slow
Lesson 1 of 9

Objective: Students will compare the speeds of different animals by completing a card sort.

Big Idea: Students will have fun connecting to the different animals in this introductory lesson on speed.

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Science, Science Skills, speed (Motion), movement, weight, force
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