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In trying to help students become more responsible for the completion of their work, I provide them with various checklists. I show the students how to use checklists at the beginning of the year and I include videos about project requirements on our Google classroom page.

By having the students go through the report checklist, I am helping them to develop the habit of double checking the work they have completed while keeping track of items that still need work. Having students review the checklist individually and then with their science fair partner helps to hold them accountable for knowing where they stand in terms of project completion.

  Completing the project checklist
  Accountability: Completing the project checklist
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Constructing a Science Fair Display Board

Unit 8: Science Fair
Lesson 11 of 13

Objective: SWBAT create a display board that accurately depicts their science fair project.

Big Idea: Use this lesson to help students understand the importance of visual aids and how to let a display board do the talking.

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