Reflection: Pacing What to do when a bear visits.... - Section 4: Stations! Day 2


I notice the sentence stems proved to be difficult, just as I anticipate they will.  I ask all the children to join me on the rug and we look at all the information they have gathered.  We begin working through page one and sharing the ideas they had and the words they chose to finish their sentence stems.  

Because this was the first time the children had really worked with this type of intense documenting with writing, I chose to use it as just a teaching tool.  I did not do any assessing of any kind.  I was thankful for the gift of the real artifacts and the opportunity to explore them.  I let it stay just at that point and relished the chances to bring the real world into my classroom for those two days

  Reflections of the Student Work
  Pacing: Reflections of the Student Work
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What to do when a bear visits....

Unit 4: Unit 4- The Alpine Mountain Environment
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT use scientific questions to guide their observations to draw conclusions.

Big Idea: Teaching about big ideas that are far removed from the classroom environment can make it difficult to bring science to life. Real world artifacts can change the whole outlook of this.

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Science, Mountains, bears
  110 minutes
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