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Before allowing the students to prepare for their presentations, we discuss the importance of being a good audience member.  In my classroom, being an audience member is a privilege and a responsibility.  The students are expected to respect their classmates when they are presenting.  If a student does something to cause another student to become flustered, such as laughing at them or making funny faces, points are taken off of the instigator's presentation grade.  Students may also be removed from the room if they become a distraction to the speakers.  I do this because I want the students to respect each other and because each student in my classroom has right to feel safe and respected.

  Respecting other students
  Rules and Consequences: Respecting other students
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Preparing for the Science Fair Presentation

Unit 8: Science Fair
Lesson 10 of 13

Objective: SWBAT identify key components of scientific presentations and prepare for their presentation.

Big Idea: Great presentations don't just happen. Use this lesson to help your students prepare for their presentation, so they can speak confidently about science.

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