Reflection: Student Feedback Newton's 2nd Law Review Day - Section 1: Newton's 2nd Law: Inner/Outer Circle


After doing this review activity for a second time with my students, I had multiple students come up to me after class saying that they really liked this activity. They felt like they got a lot more practice and even if they felt like they didn't understand at the beginning the amount of practice they got by doing 15 problems during the class period helped them to understand better. This feedback reassured me that this type of review helped them to recall and synthesize everything that they learned during the unit. Not only are they asked to remember how to use Newton's second law in various problems, they are asked to look at the problem and determine how to figure it out: with a free body diagram, finding the net force and then mass or acceleration or just use the given information to solve for one variable right away.

  Students' Favorite Review Activity!
  Student Feedback: Students' Favorite Review Activity!
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Newton's 2nd Law Review Day

Unit 5: Force and Acceleration
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: Students will be able use Newton's second law to solve various problems.

Big Idea: An inner outer circle activity gives students lots of review about Newton's 2nd Law.

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