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I value the concept of shared authority as a way to help build a strong community of learners. With this in mind, I ask students to work together to link useful bits of information from their real world experiences. I use the interactive whiteboard at the front of the room to connect the information that students provide during our group discussion to construct a working explanation for momentum.

I ask for a student to explain the main difference between vectors and scalars to the class. I write the student explanation on the interactive whiteboard and encourage students to use tools from physics to gather evidence which they will use in their definitions on the key momentum terms. After students have completed their graphic organizers I ask them to use them to create a visual on momentum.

This is all based on the criteria I introduced earlier in the class. I encourage them to move towards building a strong set of habits of work and habits of mind that foster an enduring understandings and integration of knowledge from disparate areas of their educational experiences. I have students leverage their knowledge of trig identities to develop an understanding of the motion of an angry bird with known initial velocity. This is related to standard SP6, because students must summarize multiple sources into a coherent expression for each momentum key word. 

  Using An Interactive Whiteboard to Facilitate A Group Discussion
  Using An Interactive Whiteboard to Facilitate A Group Discussion
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Introduction to Momentum: Using A Graphic Organizer to Construct an Explanation

Unit 6: Momentum
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Objective: Students will use note-taking to construct ideas about momentum in terms of mass and velocity.

Big Idea: Momentum is mass in motion.

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