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I found myself really having to support my English Language Learners in this lesson. The students were able to copy their evidence down ELL student work and ELL student work hghlighting, but not really able to answer the question independently. I reread the text to the students. Originally I thought they could read it themselves, but I was wrong. Some of my ELL read around 60 words per minute on a first grade text. They are not able to comprehend reading such a complex text, and this is what I forgot when I planned the lesson.

Then I had to restate the question to make it more specific. I ask, "Why does the paper vibrate?" Then they could say, "The sounds bounce through the air and make the paper move." But, after all of the extra support I did not have time to let them finish. I even added an extension to let those who finished early illustrate: student work with extension a picture of the speaker and paper to allow some extra time for my ELL to finish their answer. 

  ELL Students: ELL Student Work
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Unit 6: Sound Travel
Lesson 6 of 12

Objective: SWBAT explain how sound can make objects vibrate.

Big Idea: Use papers and a speaker to help students really conceptualize how sound makes objects vibrate.

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Science, Sound, ELA, noise, glass, string
  60 minutes
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