Reflection: Relevance Severe Weather - Hurricanes - Tropical Storms Run Amok! - Section 4: Wrap Up


One challenge with this lesson was to develop an authentic differentiation between hurricanes and tornados so it would be relevant to students.  While the two types of weather seem so different, from a meteorological standpoint, they’re really quite similar.  Take the elements- water + wind.  The major difference is the origin, a warm body of water versus a warm flat land mass.  I describe these features so you can see the quandary that sometimes develops- how does a teacher design different lessons when the subjects seem so similar.  With this specific lesson, my aim was to give the students a way to describe the differences to someone else.  While I could have designed some sort of worksheet that labeled the main parts of a hurricane, I thought that a model of a hurricane- 'a hurricane in a jar', as it were- would allow them a much richer way to experience the intricacies of this weather phenomena.  The probing student questions and deep discussions that resulted deepened the learning experiences for everyone- even me!         

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Severe Weather - Hurricanes - Tropical Storms Run Amok!

Unit 7: Severe Weather-Wonderful Wizard
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to explain the structure of a hurricane by building a model.

Big Idea: Why are hurricanes so dangerous?

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