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As another way to have accountability, particularly at the beginning of the project where each member of a team was studying something different, I instituted the "One thing I found surprising today" Edmodo post. I posted this exit ticket 10 minutes before class ended, and asked students to write a simple statement. This exit ticket took on a life of it's own, as students were eagerly awaiting the post so they could "share out". This simple exercise allowed me to another way to check in with every student without having to interview them separately, and tells me what the students find most interesting about what they are doing. Here are some samples:

  "One thing I found surprising today..."
  Exit Tickets: "One thing I found surprising today..."
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Controversies in Genetics - Multiday Project

Unit 6: Genetics
Lesson 13 of 14

Objective: SWBAT apply their knowledge of genetics and discuss the issues that arise from the application of modern biotechnology.

Big Idea: Difficult ethical issues can occur when using information obtained through modern biotechnology.

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