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Using stream drawings as the sole basis for making comparisons between lab results can be difficult. The quality of comparisons depends, in large part, on the quality of student drawings. One way that I support students in creating accurate scientific drawings is using the ABCDs of scientific drawings acronym to teach best practices to my students. Another way I support students in this activity is through the use of teachnology. I take photographs of student stream tables after each lab. I allow students to view the photographs of their stream table and use the photos to supplement their existing drawings. Both of these strategies lead to higher-quality student work and to more accurate comparisons.

  Complex Tasks: Using Technology to Guide Comparisons
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Rushing Rivers

Unit 4: Land and Water
Lesson 13 of 18

Objective: SWBAT identify how flow affects erosion.

Big Idea: Rivers with more flow produce a greater degree of erosion.

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