Reflection: Student Communication Creating a Compost Pile - Section 2: Engage


My students did not have prior knowledge of creating a compost pile. The video permitted students to gain knowledge about a composite pile since they did not have prior knowledge of that type of soil. After the video, the students were excited about the learning connection that they had made. We were able to have a  rich discussion afterwards due to the knowledge that they had gain.

It is essential to build background knowledge first, so students can have a better understand of the content. Therefore, they can feel successful because they can add to the dialogue.

  Students were engaged.
  Student Communication: Students were engaged.
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Creating a Compost Pile

Unit 6: Earth's Resources
Lesson 6 of 12

Objective: SWBAT predict and observe what happens to dead plants in soil.

Big Idea: What happens when you mix dead plants and soil together?

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Science, soil (Geology), Scientific Method (Science Skills), Science Skills, mineral, earth resources, compost pile, Earth Science, conservation, resources, soil, rocks, Dinosaurs, compost
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