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Today was interesting. I did not anticipate that so many students would struggle with this initial task. It was a straightforward systems problem, but I think that students were so set on matrices that they automatically went to that strategy. I really had to rely on the line of questioning that I wrote about in the Launch narrative to get students on track.

Here are some samples of student work:

#1: This group wanted to use catnip and stuffing as the variables. I had to ask them what question we were trying to answer to get them on track. I also reminded them that we know the amount of catnip and stuffing, and if it isn't unknown then it shouldn't be the variable. Then they realized that the number of toys should be the variables.

#2: This student was on the right track and used substitution to solve.

#3: This students set up some matrices initially, but was unable to do anything with them. Interestingly, these matrices are really close to what we use later on in the lesson when we set up the system as a matrix equation.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Student Progress
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Manufacturing Cat Toys (Day 1 of 2)

Unit 8: Matrices and Systems
Lesson 8 of 16

Objective: SWBAT write systems of equations as matrix equations.

Big Idea: Get students thinking about how to solve systems of equations using matrices.

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