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Since this is the first year that AP Physics 1 is being offered (it was formerly the first half of AP Physics B), I'm constantly seeking support from other AP Physics teachers. I want to make sure that we are covering the same material at a similar depth, and to check on our overall pacing. The College Board does a nice job of offering resources, but I think developing learning communities to discuss strategies and materials is critical to being a good teacher.

Unfortunately, I am the only AP Physics 1 teacher in my building and don't get an opportunity to interact in a face-to-face learning community. However, each of the high schools in my district offer AP Physics 1 and the teachers from each school are super approachable and willing to communicate. We send emails to each other with simple questions or long reflections, and the result is that we really feel like we are part of a team. In fact, a recent email exchange just showed that all of us are within 2 days of giving a test over the same material. We all take comfort in knowing that we are on the same page, when so much about this new test is out of our control.

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Linear Momentum Test

Unit 5: Linear Momentum
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: Students will demonstrate an understanding of linear momentum.

Big Idea: Students show how much they've learned about linear momentum when taking today's unit test.

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