Reflection: Accountability Part 1-How Does Physical Weathering Impact the Earth's Surface? - Section 4: Reflect /Evaluate (Day 1)


Think Pair Share Strategy

The Think-Pair-Share strategy provides students the opportunity to process their thinking independently before responding and/or collaborating with their peers.  This increases student’s confidence and participation because they have had a chance to activate their thinking and time to construct a response.  Students feel more prepared and self-assured in engaging in meaningful conversation with their peers. Discussions become more in depth and meaningful to all involved as all students are accountable for participating.

To implement this strategy, a question or question is presented to the students. During the think part of this strategy, students are given an allotted amount of time to activate their thinking and process their ideas. They formulate their thinking into a written response before sharing with another student.  After the think time, students pair up with another student or small group.  Each member shares their response and discusses it with everyone. Students are encouraged to engage is discourse where they ask questions or clarification of other students thinking and/or respectfully debate the ideas presented.  Once pairs finish their discussions, the class reconvenes to share with the whole class (larger group).  At that time, the class can respond with questions or challenges and engage in a whole class discussion.

I selected the think-pair-share strategy because I wanted my students to process their investigation experience and recognize key concepts of weathering before engaging in a discussion with their group members. By giving time to think, my intention is to help students feel more confident and willing to participate as they have something to contribute to the group.  Through the investigation questions on weathering, paired discussions, and class shares, I want the students to make the connection to how rock pieces break off when wind or moving air takes place and that these rocks shape, size, and texture become smaller, less rigid, and smoother.  By incorporating the think-pair-share strategy within this lesson, I found my students had a more active role in in this portion of the lesson and discussions were more meaningful and valuable to students and me.

  Think Pair Share
  Accountability: Think Pair Share
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Part 1-How Does Physical Weathering Impact the Earth's Surface?

Unit 4: Earth's Changing Surface
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: SWBAT: explain how physical weathering slowly changes the Earth's surface.

Big Idea: Students will conduct a simulation to explain how physical weathering changes the Earth's surface.

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