Reflection: High Quality Task Element Emission Spectra - Section 5: Small Group Activity


Most students enjoyed working with the cards initially, but as the question cards became more complex (such as finding which two elements were combined into one spectrum) students became less engaged and began just plowing through the work.  I had one group of students (as exampled in the work shown in the photo on the right) that said that they decided that they would just guess hydrogen as the second element if they couldn't immediately find the correct match.

In the future, I would eliminate some of the questions so that engagement wouldn't turn into frustration with a task that was no longer seeming meaningful to my students.

  High Quality Task: Waning Engagement
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Element Emission Spectra

Unit 2: Electron Configuration & Bonding
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT identify different elemental components of unknown emission spectra based on individual unique (and known) elemental emission spectra.

Big Idea: Each element has its own set of spectral emission lines that can be used to identify elements found in other emission spectra.

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atomic emission lines
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