Reflection: ELL Students Reviewing Linear Momentum - Section 3: Students Collaboratively Solve Linear Momentum Problems


As I went to do this activity for the third time this year, I realized that my new foreign exchange student was having difficulty. She seemed disengaged and almost sad as I observed her working with her group. Her lab table partners are always so helpful, but the big problem came from the fact that she needed more time to process the problems. I was able to make some immediate accommodations for her, but in the future I will plan better so that she can get maximum value out of the activity. 

First, I'll print a copy of each of the problems out for her so that she can take them home and work with them without the time restrictions. Also, I think giving her the problems ahead of time might be beneficial. If she has the problems ahead of time and can look at them before class, she'll be more likely to contribute during the problem solving portion of the lesson. Finally, she asked me to take a picture of the solutions from the other groups so that she could not be so busy writing during the solution share process. 

  Foreign Exchange Student
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Reviewing Linear Momentum

Unit 5: Linear Momentum
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to solve and explain linear momentum problems.

Big Idea: Students take on the role of teacher today when they share their solutions to linear momentum practice problems.

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linear momentum review
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