Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Me and My Shadow - Section 3: Active Engagement


This lesson was based around the concept of light and shadows, but my real objective was to allow students a full session of scientifically exploring and making sense of information in order to answer their own questions. 

Many times, as busy teachers, we believe our lesson must be focused on an academic outcome. However, when working with the science and engineering standards within a high interest, motivating subject like shadows, we offer our students time to grow into true scientists.  Like in any area of life, when we slow down enough to gain foundational skills, like questioning and gathering data following a sincere question, we become more able to tackle difficult situations.

This is why I chose a simple task, creating shadows, to allow my students to focus on questioning, creating investigations, carrying out those very investigations, and then revising tests from data gained. 

Simple, but essential and foundational. 

  Time to Make Sense of Information
  Student Led Inquiry: Time to Make Sense of Information
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Me and My Shadow

Unit 6: Light Energy
Lesson 7 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to use questioning to guide an investigation regarding shadows and light rays.

Big Idea: Students have some knowledge now about how light travels and how to make it reflect. Today's lesson will give them space to wonder and build a plan to help them gain information about their "problem" or question.

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Science, Light, prediction, trial and error, shadow, scientific investigation, reflection
  55 minutes
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