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My students have completed my Exploring Nuclear Energy lesson. They have background knowledge and they enter this lesson with understandings of the negative aspect of nuclear power. When teaching this lesson, I find that they automatically respond to the Myths article with suspicion. They assume the American Nuclear Association exaggerates or spins their claims. This window into what the students were thinking was eye-opening. I had done a great job teaching a healthy suspicion but I had not done a great job of allowing the students to consider the truth about what the article says. I spent time with the class examining the truths identified in the article. By  conducting an informal discussion, students had a better balance of information.  At the end of my lesson several students defended nuclear power in their debates. I knew my discussion strategy worked and I was not subconsciously feeding the children my own views.  

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What are the Effects of Nuclear Power?

Unit 5: Exploring Non-Renewable Energy Sources
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Objective: SWBAT compare misconceptions of nuclear energy in an effort to create a position on the use of nuclear power.

Big Idea: Controversial topics are fantastic position writing activities. Students analyze nuclear power and read about the Chernobyl disaster to determine their own position, based upon evidence.

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