Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Preparing For An Oral Defense On Projectile Motion - Section 3: Graphic Organizers for Notetaking


I think this portion of the lesson was successful because students represented information multiple ways and were able to have detailed starting points for the collaborative summary section of the lesson. When students identify concepts like initial velocity as key ideas for understanding a projectile's motion, I ask students questions like "What is the significance of the time of flight?" to elicit responses that show connections between projectile motion and real world scenarios that affect the professional lives of basketball players, golf professionals and crime scene investigators.

Some of the interesting differences in student work products involve the level of detail that students with different aptitudes provide on the same graphic organizer. For example one of my English Language Learners added detailed sketches of the parabolic motion and changes in the vertical velocity of a projectile in the Want to Know Column of the K-W-L chart. While another general education student wrote a set of equations related to launching a projectile at an angle in the same column. The differences in responses helps to make student gaps in understanding or puzzles more visible and easier to address. 

  Differences in Student Work
  Diverse Entry Points: Differences in Student Work
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Preparing For An Oral Defense On Projectile Motion

Unit 3: Projectile Motion
Lesson 7 of 16

Objective: Students will summarize the factors that affect the projectile motion of an Angry Bird.

Big Idea: Graphic organizers help students prepare for an oral defense in Physics.

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Science, velocity (Physics), physics, note taking, Graphic Organizers, Projectile Motion, vector components
  80 minutes
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