Reflection: Real World Applications Build a Paper Tower Challenge (Part 2) Brainstorming and Developing Our Plans - Section 3: Elaboration


Even though this is a science activity, it also allows discussion and practice of many social skills!  I like the idea of having the kids put in a situation where they are going to have to use their skills to work with another person.  Working collaboratively is part of life in the work force and they need to practice it from a young age so they can be competent at it.

  Collaboration Skills
  Real World Applications: Collaboration Skills
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Build a Paper Tower Challenge (Part 2) Brainstorming and Developing Our Plans

Unit 5: Building Towers and the Engineering Design Process
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Objective: SWBAT brainstorm at least 3 ideas to solve a problem. In addition, SWBAT work collaboratively to develop one of their plans.

Big Idea: In order to solve a problem, we can brainstorm, then choose our best plan and work with a team to develop that plan.

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choosing own best idea
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