Reflection: Student Grouping Division with Mixed Numbers - Section 3: Partner Practice


This problem set is very process oriented; there aren't any application problems in the group.  This is a good lesson to experiment with how partners are working together.  You can consider using a coach/player cooperative model here - the “coach” will begin explaining the first problem to the “player.”  The player is expected to pay attention and ask questions if confused.  Once both partners agree on a response, they make sure that they have correctly displayed the work and answer in the space provided for the problem.  For the next question, partners will switch roles (i.e. the “coach” will become the player and vice versa).   


  Partner Practice
  Student Grouping: Partner Practice
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Division with Mixed Numbers

Unit 2: Division with Fractions
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT divide improper fractions and mixed numbers using the standard algorithm.

Big Idea: The meaning of division is the same for whole numbers and fractions; you are taking a total and creating equal groups.

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Math, Fractions, Numbers and Operations, division, mixed numbers, mixed numbers, Operations
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