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Sometimes I am truly surprised by what my students will come up with. When I asked them to take a guess as to what the communication matrix would like like, I was impressed with the range that I witnessed. Here are four matrices that were produced.

Matrices #1 and #2 were very similar except one used numbers and one used check marks for the existing flights. I heard many students refer to the trust and ethics matrices (from the homework assignment on the first day of this unit) as their reasoning for using zeros and ones.

Matrix #3 was one I had never seen before. This student figured out the least number of flights needed to go from each city to the others. While not what I was looking for as a communication matrix, I was really impressed by how innovative it was.

  Student Led Inquiry: Student Matrices
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Jet-Setting to the Purrrrrfect Cat Toy Offices

Unit 8: Matrices and Systems
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Objective: SWBAT create communication matrices and use them to analyze a situation.

Big Idea: Matrices take on a different feel as we use them to represent available flights between airports.

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