Reflection: Joy Poetry - Revison - Section 3: Peer Revision Session


The students had a great time helping their partners revise their work.  One of them commented, "This is like being the teacher. We get to help them fix their work."  I was glad they were enjoying it because my memories of revising my work when I was younger are not fond memories.  I guess it's all about attitude.  :)

  Revision Fun!
  Joy: Revision Fun!
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Poetry - Revison

Unit 5: Passion For Poetry
Lesson 14 of 19

Objective: SWBAT take a deep look at their poetry writing and with the assistance of a peer, revise their work.

Big Idea: This is our revision lesson in our poetry publishing unit. We have written 10 different poems (or more) and will work to make them even better.

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