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Being in California, we have an easier time with the weather than some parts of the world  so our students experience the meteorological world much differently.  Regardless of where they live, it’s important for all students to understand not only the phenomena of weather but ways to stay safe.  I used a variety of simple modalities- auditory and visual- to give the students an applicable experience.  The more we can break down these ideas and explain the individual pieces, the better our students understand what they experience.  Add on ways to deal with weather, the more their understanding will grow.  The most important part of this puzzle is to connect the subject and experience with something the students’ experience, if not regularly, at least occasionally.  This provides valuable context that will help them process and apply, rather listen and hear, the material they just experienced.

  Connect to a Common Experience
  Real World Applications: Connect to a Common Experience
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Severe Weather - Storm Alert!

Unit 7: Severe Weather-Wonderful Wizard
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: Students will learn and demonstrate safety measures to follow in a storm.

Big Idea: Where is the safest place to be in a storm?

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